Who feeds who?

2020, Photography, Performance

Royal College of Art, London


There is no doubt many of us are influenced by the concerns of how others think of ourselves in the social world, which can echo around the quote from the philosopher Jean-Pual Sartre “Hell is other people."


Who feeds who? This is a question that emerges from the phenomenon that people expect feedback when pictures of foods are being posted online. Whether you ingress the foods, it doesn’t matter. The moment when compliments are received from the “other people”, it becomes the purpose of the whole meal. So, are you feeding your followers or the followers are feeding back to you? 


As a visual communicator, metaphorical representations were used to visualize this situation by creating double-sides utensils. An interactive performance was staged, where the audiences were encouraged to feed food with each other mutually while using these bizarre utensils. A dystopian Mise en Scene was created to question the core value of the "foodstagramming" through this experimental method.

© 2020 by Yan Li.