Spit Out

2017, Plaster, Projection



When our bad emotions and anger have no place to vent, we will find a punching bag allowing us to vent due to the subconscious instinct. Also, because of the low threshold of the Internet, social media has become a platform to express anger, and the victims of cyber violence unfortunately have become scapegoats for people's anger. 


In this project, I used five containers to show the inability of cyber-violence victims to endure the abuse of the network troll silently. All of these five items contain human waste or garbage, while each of them has subtle differences to represent various forms of cyber violence.


For instance, squatting toilet are employed to suggest the disrespect for women and online sexual harassment. The spittoon is a container for people to spit, I use it to represent moral coercion, those who seem to be justice stand on the top of morality spitting to innocent victims. Various types of cyber-violent language are projected on these containers with the flushing, spitting, whisper and other noises.

© 2020 by Yan Li. 

Spit Out 2