Lorem ipsum

2018, Toilet Paper, Projection

the 39th Art Space, Beijing


As the amount of digital data grows, the problem of managing the information becomes more difficult, which can lead to information overload. 

I hung lots of toilet paper on a pole to create a curtain printed with a wealth of information. I use some elements( pop-up page, the notification red dot, QR code, the close-up of the person's mouth, etc.) which present information overload in the video projected on the paper curtain. You also can hear the voice generated by google translation to read the random contexts of Lorem ipsum, all of the toilet papers, voice, video create magic and realistic space.

The Toilet paper and mobile phone are somehow similar to each other. When using the toilet paper, you are obsessed with pulling it down unconsciously. Also, we habitually keep a pull-down behavior when reloading the new page in our phones, even if we know the majority of information is actually useless. We just want to fill our tedious lives with the information. I employed an old-fashioned typewriter to print random Lorem ipsum letters on the papers, forming an absurd "sky book”. This suggests that the information flow just like the meaningless and endless Lorem ipsum can be replaced at an astounding rate in the information era.

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