Foodstagramming 3
Foodstagramming 3
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2020, Fake Food

Royal College of Art, London


In the digital era, we are living in an exhibition society. People who like posting food pictures on their social media to some extent care more about food’s appearance rather than the taste. So, Instagram-able food is becoming popular nowadays.


Inspired by such a phenomenon, an experiment was held. Daily essentials such as sponge, dishwashing liquid, etc were used in the preparation of instagrammable 'Michelin Style' cuisine. These gorgeous 'foods'  were given names in a fancy fashion (e.g. Deep Sea Soaking, Crystal Night, Return to Nature). And the dishes were further categorized into starter, main course, dessert, accompaniment and drink.


We encourage our audiences to engage and interact during the pop-up exhibition, applying filters for their posts on their social media to get some feedback. The most ironic thing is almost nobody can tell the foods we post are fake food. If you don’t believe it, you are very welcome to post these pictures to test your friends’ responses.