De-memory Bread

2021, WIP Experiment


If you were a Gen-Y like me growing up with a famous Japanese animation called Doraemon, you must have been eager to have one of the magic gadgets in it - Memory Bread (Coping Toast). One presses the bread on a book, and the contents will then be 'printed' on the bread. When the user eats the bread later, it will allow them to memorize any information on it. From this 'futuristic function' at that time, you can tell how desperate people are for obtaining unforgettable memories.

Nowadays, with the advent of cloud storage, remembering is easier than forgetting. Digital technology empowers us as never before, yet it has unforeseen consequences as well. In Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age, Viktor Mayer has proposed a simple solution to resist tech companies’ strong incentive to track your online behavior through their perfect remembering - setting expiration dates on the information. I collected my own online data of websites I browsed regularly from the chrome setting, then printed these sequences on a few pieces of “Memorization Bread”, placing them somewhere damp. After one month, the texts embody my data were blurred following the appearance of mould. This 'rotten work' is expected to act as a reminder for netizens to actively delete their digital traces on a regular basis in order to slow down the pace of the internet’s ability to memorize.