Schrödinger 's Lift 2019

I secretly installed a camera in a lift.

Dr. Big Data 2018

I used a microscope to magnify the structures of a used period pad in 40 diameters.


Liang Yi  2017

'Liang Yi' is also known as 'Yin' and 'Yang', mutually transforming energy to maintain the balance of the Tai Chi world.

打印_画板 1.jpg

Sousveillance 2020

What I expect to do is not directly fight against the powerful ‘Big Brother’ but at least watch the watcher back


I Shape Cookies,

Cookies Shape Me 2020

Marshall McLuhan said: "We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us."  I would rather say...


Hòu Graphic Project 2019

A series of interviews about graphic design by Overlap Design Center (OLDC).

Lorem ipsum 2018

I employed an old-fashioned typewriter to print random Lorem ipsum letters on toilet papers.

Vlog 2019-present

To find out more, please follow @栗小妍同学 on Weibo / Bilibili.


Slavish Gods  2018

Slavish Gods are enjoying the thrill of shopping and the temporary vanity in the sky.


Spit Out 2017

I used five containers to show the inability of cyber-violence victims.

Who Feeds Who? 2020

Are you feeding your followers or the followers are feeding back to you? 

Foodstagramming  2020

Believe or not, these instagram-able cuisines are made from daily essentials.